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Serena Collection

Born from clear skies, tranquil oceans and serene shores - A collection that glows with golden hues.

The Serena collection is crafted in stainless steel and sterling silver, with gold-plated jewellery designs also available for you to experiment with this season. Shop high-quality designs that will be the perfect finishing touch to your outfits all summer long! With new arrivals in bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings ready for you to discover, it’s time for you to glow in rose gold, yellow gold and classic silver tones. Stylish and sophisticated jewellery for every occasion.
Our latest bangles are sure to make a statement. Layer delicate, dainty bracelets and bangles to add a beautiful, luxurious touch to any outfit.
Our trending earring designs will add an elegant finish to your next event. Shop our statement styles and classic earring designs to find your new go-to jewellery for summer.
Enjoy exploring the latest in necklace designs from our newest collections. Inspired by travel, the beach and a love of life, our new arrivals are sure to offer a stunning finishing touch to your outfit. Shop our Serena collections now for necklaces and other jewellery pieces that are truly unique.
Looking for a gift for a special someone that’s timeless, high-quality and tarnish-free? Our newly released ring collections offer a mix of bold and dainty designs that can be stacked or worn on their own to truly make a statement.

Shop our Serna collection now.