Who We Are

Pastiche - premier, luxurious jewellery designed and owned in Australia. Embrace your inner beauty with unique, bespoke Australian-inspired jewellery designs.

Pastiche is ‘a literary, artistic, musical, or architectural work that imitates the style of previous work.’ We celebrate the pursuit of art, diversity and beauty. Our love for stunning jewellery has led to the creation of premier, high-quality jewellery that is inspired by Australia’s natural beauty.

You deserve to wear unique, bespoke jewellery designs that celebrate your individuality. Crafted from the very best materials, each of our jewellery is made to last and will help you embrace your inner beauty.

All of our jewellery items are Australian-owned and Australian-designed. Our buying team operates around the world to meet high-end suppliers of quality sterling silver, stainless steel and stones. We’re passionate about the environment and reducing overconsumption. That’s why we guarantee premier quality jewellery that lasts.

Australia is our home, and this nation is truly stunning. All of us have memories of long, summer days on Australian sandy beaches and family vacation road trips through the colourful outback. Our experiences within this beautiful country have inspired our jewellery. We aim to reflect the natural beauty of Australia in each of our pieces. The colours, memories and experience of Australian life are key inspirations behind many of our designs.

Our Australian brand was born and bred in the Sydney Australia. Barbara Hastings founded our brand in 1987 at a small market stall, offering jewellery items for purchase. When Barbara retired, Northern Beaches couple Amy and Chris Bradley took over the brand. Things certainly started with a bang, as the couple welcomed their first daughter mere days after taking over Pastiche!

You deserve to wear unique, bespoke jewellery designs that celebrate your individuality

Our 35-year-old brand is family-owned and operated. We’ve been trusted by Australians for many years to provide bespoke, stunning jewellery pieces that embrace their inner creative flair. You will absolutely love shopping our timeless designs that will be a favourite for years to come.

We also are in the know on upcoming trends and are constantly following the evolution of fashion. This means we stock a range of exciting, trendy jewellery designs for you to experiment with. Our in-house design team love to create completely unique designs, from the initial sketch right through to the final piece that makes it into our warehouse.

Embrace your individuality and explore a diverse range of exceptionally crafted jewellery designs inspired by Australia for Australians today. Better yet, enjoy next day dispatch from our Sydney warehouse. This means any pieces you love will be on there way within the next business day!

Our exclusive range is available online now. Embrace your individuality with high-quality, affordable, luxury jewellery pieces. Shop Pastiche’s online store today.

Image of a Model Wearing Jewellery